Are you new to the field and wondering what the interesting research questions are in the field of social entrepreneurship?  Well look no further because I have them all… sort of.  In short I, along with my co-authors Tom Lumpkin and Elaine Mosakowski, went through all of the papers we could find in the social entrepreneurship  literature and documented the suggestions that authors made for future research.  We ended up with  327 suggestions from 248 papers.  We also surveyed some subject-matter experts as to how interesting each is and the extent to which they may be developed. 

Below you have two links.  If you just want the list of suggestions, the first link is for you.  If you  would like more information on how we created the list, or would like to see some analyses and interpretations of the list, see the paper in the second link.  A version of the paper is forthcoming as a chapter in volume 13 of the Advances in Entrepreneurship Research series

Research Questions

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This a word file containing only the list of the 327 social entrepreneurship research suggestions in a big table

This is the full paper which elaborates on the method behind the list formation and some analyses, yet does not contain the full list due to page restrictions