Ever since I began dabbling in the SocEnt domain Iíve been amassing a huge list of published SocEnt works.† Over time Iíve been putting these works into an EndNote file.† My goal is to provide visitors with the most comprehensive list of SocEnt works available.† This, of course, is an on-going task, and one prone to a variety of complications and errors.† Iím sure that there are SocEnt works missing from my list and Iím sure there are typos and other errors in the list.† I will continue to improve upon it over time.† For now, I provide the references for over 400 SocEnt works; both in a Word file and an EndNote file.†††

Research Papers

Created and maintained by:


David Gras

to encourage and advance

social† enterprise research


This file has all of the references in text form.† It is saved as a Microsoft Word, ď.docĒ file.

This is my EndNote file with all of the references.† It is zipped with the needed files.